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On what planet…

On what planet… published on 4 Comments on On what planet…

…are this man's twee, self-congratulatory, crabby, misogynist, ageist, sizeist, arrogant ramblings relevant? He seems incredibly put out by the fact that he's NOT a fashion-designing brain in a tank. We get it. You loathe people [except for yourself] and think that human physicality is revoltingly icky. Now do us a favor and keep your venomous bile to yourself.


Didn’t really do his homework, either. I mean, granted, I didn’t read the whole thing because I just ate, but seriously, you think the only reason to get a tattoo is to look like a badass? That’s so ignorant I think I heard a monkey molecule scream in disappointment from somewhere deep in his DNA.

He could have spent about five seconds googling the history of tattoos for a somewhat more nuanced view on the issue, but something tells me having a nuanced view of anything other than the inner workings of his own colon is impossible for him.

I wonder what his thoughts on women in pants are? He’d’ve probably similarly decried that, had he lived in a different era, while now he gives no extra thought to it. Possible. I dunno, really, though, since he’s obviously spending so much quality time not-using the computer, ‘tho he did take the time to figure out how to power one up, launch a word processor, write that piece, and submit it to someone, all to impress his wisdom upon those people who he’s reviling. Or something like that.

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