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More 1:6 stuff — dolls, bathtubs and bodies — make an offer!

More 1:6 stuff — dolls, bathtubs and bodies — make an offer! published on No Comments on More 1:6 stuff — dolls, bathtubs and bodies — make an offer!

Greetings, folks. While I was picking up dolls to get rid of from storage, I also cleaned out my parts bin. Please make an offer on any or all of the things below! Paypal only, no fees charged.

First off, there are still some custom figs left from my earlier thread. Just cover shipping and handling for any of these:

Cory [on far left]: Integrity Toys head with modified faceup and hair by me [on loose], articulated Barbie body, Dragon hands, comes with outfit.

Ethan: resin Dr. House sculpt from modified and painted by me, unknown 1:6 male body with forearms and neck area painted zombie purple to match head, comes with outfit shown in second picture. 


Margie [9.4" in first photo, on right in second]: Dragon male head [on loose] reshaped, repainted and rehaired by me, on heavily modified Dragon male body with roughly sculpted breasts, comes with outfit.

Marquis: Dragon in Dream's Ultimate Realistic Head 30003 [on loose] with hair and faceup modified by me, on unknown 1:6 male body, comes with outfit.

ZaeZae [on left]: Integrity Toys head [on loose] with sculpted hair [cracking] by me on articulated Barbie body with Dragon hands, comes with outfit.

Bodies, sold separately. Takara Jenny 1 with head. Takara Jenny body only. Next we have 2 articulated ballerina Barbies, one in pale Caucasian skintone, the other just a body in brown tan skintone.

More bodies, also sold separately. Sitting down is an A.C. Moore 1:6 skeleton with pin joints at elbows and knees, missing left arm. Rags are easily removed. Next is an unknown 1:6 male body. Finally, we have a pale BBI Perfect Body, large breastplate, nipples removed, slight staining on tops of breasts.

In case you can't tell, this is a bathtub. It says Barbie on the floor of the tub, but who stares at the floor of the tub?

Lastly we have a grab bag of various Barbie, Obitsu and Cy Girl parts. These go as a lot.

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