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I have officially run out of room…

I have officially run out of room… published on No Comments on I have officially run out of room…

…for BJDs. I thought I would keep them all on one shelf of a bookshelf, but that shelf only holds Janvier Jett, Lola Paprika, Araminthe, Sardonix, Sarah, Submit and Noodge. Dorothy is on the shelf below, which is fine because she’s only 14cm. Flower, Ginevra and Mellifer are on my desk, along with Nathaniel [who recently arrived], but my desk is also where the Me and My Muses dolls have a staging area and photo studio, so I have to move the hordes once a week when I shoot episodes.

Clearly the solution is to bring a few people to work! I have nothing on my walls anyway; my only decoration consists of a few toys. [My sweatshirt over the back of my chair does not count as decor.]

I should get a bookcase…for…um…my reference books! That’s it. To be fair, I do have some reference books, looking pretty silly, sitting on top of my filing cabinet. All 4 of them can go on the bookcase, and so can the some of the small populations.

While I’m at it, I should order a bulletin board.

While I’m also at it, I need to rid myself of all those 1:3 clothes I don’t want.

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