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Must! Buy! More! Dolls!

Must! Buy! More! Dolls! published on No Comments on Must! Buy! More! Dolls!


I got the genius idea last night to purchase an Iplehouse Luna head in special rose grey resin [from the Noctarcana Circus special edition] and put it on an Angelsdoll massive girl body.

Here is Luna in her pretty limited color:

In researching this hybrid, I discovered that I had a bunch of points at Angelsdoll. Lots of BJD companies do something similar where they offer you a certain number of points, depending on the amount of your purchase, which you can then redeem for discounts on future purchases. I've normally ignored any point accumulations with previous countries because I never acquire enough to do anything substantial.

Anyway, Angelsdoll typically offers 1 point per $100.00. I purchased Lola Paprika at $309.00 and Janvier Jett at $270.00. According to my order history, Lola Paprika got me a grand total of 0 points, while Janvier Jett got me 2.2 points. So I should have 2.2 points, right?

Wrong. Somehow I actually have 82.2 points. I have no idea how this happened. I'm not complaining, though!

…Because Angelsdoll counts each point as a $1.00 discount on a purchase, which is the most I've ever heard of. Therefore I could get $82.20 off my next Angelsdoll order.

Clearly I should take advantage of this and purchase a grey massive girl body for the Iplehouse Luna head. Actually, Angelsdoll is not currently selling bodies separately, so I'd have to buy a whole doll. Their prices have really shot up in the last 12 months [if I ordered Janvier Jett now with all the options I selected last summer, she'd be $505.00 excluding shipping!!!]. So…a doll with the massive girl body, grey resin and no faceup would be $505.00 excluding shipping. With the points discount, she would be $422.80 excluding shipping. Much better!

Here, have some more pictures of Luna. What a cutie.

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