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You know what really irritates me?

You know what really irritates me? published on 2 Comments on You know what really irritates me?

[No, I’m not outraged right now.]

Doll clothing with out-of-scale buttons. I see this a lot on clothes for 1:3 scale BJDs [i.e., ~60cm or 2 feet tall]. Makers of doll clothes will go to incredible lengths to replicate and scale down all the details of, say, a shirt or a jacket, and then WHAMMO! They’ll completely spoil the whole effect by using 1:1 scale buttons [suitable for human clothes] as fasteners.

And they’re not doing it for a purposeful aesthetic effect either. This is serious, unfunky clothing that they’re making, insofar as doll clothes can be serious. It’s especially hilarious when you’re looking at suits for BJDs: “Oh I like the structure of this jacket. The detail on the lining makes it look almost GOOD GRAVY WHO PUT BUTTONS THE SIZE OF SAUCERS ON THE CUFFS???”

In-scale buttons exist! I know this because I see them with some regularity on 1:6 scale clothes. I know they exist for 1:3 scale clothes as well, but I’m not sure why they aren’t used very much by makers of doll clothes in 1:3 scale.

I mean, surely, if you can be arsed to put in-scale zipper flies and functioning pockets on your denim dolly jeans, you can put freakin’ in-scale buttons on your dolly shirts, right?

You know what…while I’m pissing and moaning about BJD stuff, let me get this off my chest. Asian BJD companies can now officially stop with the Alice in Wonderland [sic] special edition dolls and/or outfits. Way too many doll studios have done or are doing something with this concept. Boooooooring.

If Asian BJD companies want some non-Alice concepts, I can supply some. Let’s try the Chinese zodiac, the months of the year [not the same as the non-Chinese zodiac, more of a personification theme], celestial bodies [again not the non-Chinese zodiac, more of a personification theme], fairy tales, seasons [mud season!], weather, trees/flowers, the Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, ceremonial dress from different cultures, the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck, medieval Western European character types [king, queen, knight, damsel, jester, maid, serf, etc.], characters from famous ballets, et hoc genus omne. Some of these concepts have already been appropriated by some companies, but I think they still have a lot of life in them.

Furthermore, we need more therianthropic characters. I’m not just talking dolls with resin ear attachments; I’m talking dolls with non-human limbs and torsos and such. We have not yet reached market saturation on centaurs, especially female ones, and merpeople. I also strongly advocate for naga [human/snake hybrids], human/bear hybrids and human/zebra hybrids. We definitely need more human/arachnid dolls [Soom Vesuvia and Impldoll Colin being the only ones I know of]. And we’re also seriously lacking in human/insect hybrids. That’s just for starters…


You may have created a monster, because thanks to Me and My Muses I’m starting to think I really need to get Seamus that boyfriend after all… and that maybe he at least needs more clothes than the one outfit he’s got, and wouldn’t he look cool in a little trench coat?

I really am shocked though, that with all the painstaking detail that goes into those tiny clothes, few people thought to whip out the polymer clay and make a tiny button to match. 😛

And since the dolls themselves are basically a physical representation of a fantasy, that there aren’t more fantastical elements available also genuinely surprises me even though I never stopped to think on it much before, not being an actual collector myself.

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