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What is THAT? O_O

What is THAT? O_O published on 2 Comments on What is THAT? O_O

A certain amount of stylization is expected in the sculpture of Asian BJDs, especially "anthro" BJDs. Anthro BJDs can best be described as BJDs that combine the bipedal stance of humans with the features of quadruped non-human animals. You know that Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson where all the cows are standing around on their hind legs talking, until one of them sees a car, at which point they go down on all fours? Not only is it pretty much my favorite Far Side cartoon ever, but it also perfectly illustrates the concept of anthros.

Anyway, most anthro dolls look like very cutesified versions of the animals they represent. They have huge eyes, usually in the lower thirds of their faces, small noses and mouths, large ears and foreshortened muzzles. They more closely resemble baby animals, rather than mature animals. Once you accept the aesthetic, though, it's pretty easy to determine which animal an anthro BJD is supposed to be.

…Until I came across this one, a DollZone Ulli. It's supposed to be a sheep.  When I think of a sheep's distinguishing characteristics, I think of a long snout, eyes on the sides of the head [you know, befitting a prey animal] and horns. Ulli has horns, but no long snout or eyes on the sides of the head. The anthro aesthetic's tendency to a) shorten the muzzle and b) move the eyes to the front of the head really work against the "sheep" concept. I don't know about you, but I don't see a sheep in there. Plus it looks drunk.


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