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You know what else really irritates me?

You know what else really irritates me? published on 1 Comment on You know what else really irritates me?

Sellers on the DOA marketplace who say, “Please add 4% for Paypal fees.” No, you add it. Price your items to compensate for the fees. You’re not supposed to blatantly ask buyers to cover your damn fees. Suck it up as a cost of doing business.

I also really dislike sellers on the marketplace who specify that buyers should send payments as “personal.” No, I will not send you a personal payment. If I do so, I forfeit my buyer protection and my ability to make a claim and possibly get a refund if we have a problem transaction. I know you’re trying to avoid fees [again], but I mistrust anyone whose business practices make it easier for them to abscond with my money.

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…I may have mentioned before how much I dislike it when buyers voluntarily make payments to me as Personal. (Especially after I politely ask them to be sure they send it as Payment.) I actively use the PayPal shipping payment/postage printing feature, preferring it to the USPS website (because I can print first class postage from PayPal, but not USPS, for whatever reason), so I neeeeeeeeeeed PayPal to have the buyer’s address in the transaction. (Although using USPS’s site, for priority mail, has gotten better, since they finally started taking PayPal. I’ll always prefer to print postage from home, because it’s discounted and includes tracking at no extra charge. Several postal clerks have complimented the accuracy of our home postage scale, so I have no worries about that, either.) So, that’s my rant on that topic.

I agree about when the PayPal fees should be added, and by whom, as well, too, of course. I dunno if I’d offer a 4% discount for money orders, either, because it takes time and fuel to go to the bank to deposit the things…

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