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Jujube at work

Jujube at work published on 1 Comment on Jujube at work

Jujube keeps me company at work every day. Let's see what she does….

She spends much of her time sitting on top of one of my speakers.

Occasionally her ass starts hurting, so she switches over to my gel-padded mouse for comfort.

I tell her to move so I can, you know, do stuff, but she just tries charming me with her adorable little freckly smirk.

Once she gets on top of the mouse, she's liable to start playing on the computer….

When that gets boring, she commandeers the phone to make very short prank calls. [She's only 14cm high!]

She chats with some of the other denizens of my office, Angel Bear and Junebug.

Then she…Hey, not in my glasses case! Sigh…

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