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I like sparklies.. ^^;

Or a cake. Your forgot to say “…or a cake.” You don’t understand, I deal with this EVERY DAY!

But the point of cake is to be delicious. Swarovski crystals are not delicious. This confuses me. :p

Are you a cake artist?

I don’t consider what I do with cake art, but yes — that is my day job. And people want Swarovski crystals on their cake. All. The. Time. I am just as confused as you are as to why.

My professional portfolio:

Holy amazing. I loooove the cakes. You do some truly intricate work, and I’m really impressed!

I admit it, I would order crystals all over my cake just so I could hoard them afterward (shinies! time to indulge in some jewelrymaking), buuuut I think I’d also be concerned about cracking my teeth if I missed one. That’s a hard one.

I’m always dubious about specialty cakes. On the one hand, they’re fun and beautiful and amazing, but on the other… cake really needs to be delicious. I’m not sure how delicious I think icing might be if it has the texture necessary to allow for sculpting. It’s why I’ve never had the guts to order one– in the end I’m like “naaaaaah I want cream cheese frosting, or rainbow chip!” XD

I can be terrible about trying new foods sometimes.

I’ve done sculpted cakes with cream cheese frosting, but to be honest, event cakes are famously not good trading. They are made well in advance and usually not thinly torted.Also the sort of bakers who go into event cakes are rarely terribly concerned about flavor. Personally I prefer a nice bakery cake, Japanese or Chinese, but that may be the New Yorker in me.

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