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My Jareth: revisions to go to Angelsdoll

My Jareth: revisions to go to Angelsdoll published on No Comments on My Jareth: revisions to go to Angelsdoll

I've spent all weekend detailing the changes that I would like made in Angelsdoll's first draft of my Jareth headsculpt. I don't want to give them information solely in text because there's too much room for misinterpretation. Instead, I have attempted to convey all the changes in annotated diagrams.

First there are some adjustments to be made in the sculpt itself.

The second set of changes concerns the overall proportions of the head. Here is a wigless front-on picture of Doll Chateau Cyril, courtesy of Nihmo on DOA. I am modeling my Jareth headsculpt's porportions after Cyril's proportions, since I'll be putting Jareth on the same type of body that Cyril comes with. His eyes are about 50% of the way down on his head.

As you can see, Jareth needs a much higher forehead. The area circled in yellow needs to expand up to the yellow line.

I'm waiting for a wigless profile picture of Cyril so I can see if the depth of Jareth's head needs expansion.

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