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Big Chief Studios does 1:6 Doctor Who characters!

Big Chief Studios does 1:6 Doctor Who characters! published on 8 Comments on Big Chief Studios does 1:6 Doctor Who characters!

Big Chief Studios currently has Eleven out, with Amy Pond coming and Ten waiting for approval. As much as I'd love to get a 1:6 scale Ten, two things stop me. 1) The prototype is a great likeness of David Tennant as Ten, but he looks like he's been hit with a surprise bout of the runs. He should be smirking confidently, not looking as if something ambushed him. Nothing surprises the Doctor! 2) The company's very name and logo [a red dot wearing a stylized "Plains headdress"] reek of racism. I can't support that bigotry. Pity, as they have decent-looking dolls.


“That was NOT a mere fart,” his face seems to say. I hope there’s an alternate head that’s more relaxed. There was another 1:6 Ten who looked more surprised with O_O eyes, so I was hoping the Big Chief version would look as nice as their Eleven. Their facebook page has an image of the unclothed Eleven figures, and it looks like they have nice articulation.

I was more disappointed by Tonner’s 1:4 Ten, who just looked terrible.

Yeah, you linked to a pic of the Character Options 1:6 Ten. He lacks enough expression in his face. There has to be a golden mean between “Meh” and “OMG I didn’t know Ood farts smelled like that!” Unfortunately, we haven’t hit it yet. Imagine what Hot Toys could do with the license…

Re Tonner…I don’t know why they even bother getting likeness rights, as none of their 1:4s ever look like the characters they’re supposed to. Every Tonner “likeness” just looks like a generic person of approximately the same sex and skin color as the source, with an outfit that looks approximately similar if you squint from just the right angle. I think they should stick to their original fashion dolls [e.g., Tyler Wentworth] and licensed characters that don’t have fixed appearanced [e.g., comic book characters].

Tonner has gotten it “right” on a few occasions, like some of the “Gone with the Wind” dolls (excluding the ballet ones), “The Golden Compass”, and Tim Burton’s “Alice”. Most of the time, it’s aaaalmost there, but won’t really shine til someone repaints them.

Do a search for Noel Cruz’s repaints. Holy cow, they’re amazing.

Cruz does indeed do impressive repaints. He even improved on the Hot Toys Sucker Punch Baby Doll! Tonner could really help him out by not giving every single one of their dolls the same square jaw.

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