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My Jareth: back from Angelsdoll [already!!] with revisions

My Jareth: back from Angelsdoll [already!!] with revisions published on No Comments on My Jareth: back from Angelsdoll [already!!] with revisions

I'm a little worried about Angelsdoll. I sent them revisions at 10:30 AM EST, and they incorporated the changes and sent them back to me by 8:30 PM EST the same day.

Why are they so damn prompt? Are they just sitting around at their computers, waiting expectantly for my messages? Don't they have other things to do?

I greatly appreciate their rapid turnaround time; it certainly flatters me and makes me slightly less impatient. However, it's pretty much unprecedented, which leaves me a bit suspicious…. >_> :p

Anyhow, Jareth just bounced back across the ocean about 1.5 hours ago. His head now reflects most, if not all, of my requested changes. The 2 channels running from the inner corners of his eyes to the wings of his nose have been smoothed out, as has the crease above his raised eyebrow. Behold the "facial smooth!"

As Angelsdoll helpfully advised on the bottom of this picture, I am checking "propotion." They have increased the globe of his skull substantially in size, but not as much as required.

I have no clue if they moved the ears up like I asked. I assume they did, since they followed all my other instructions, but I honestly can't tell. Will have to ask when I send back my latest comments. I'm gonna sleep on this before I bounce him back across the pond. While I'm at it, I should reiterate my desired measurements to them as well.

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