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Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls: Verity and Kami

Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls: Verity and Kami published on 2 Comments on Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls: Verity and Kami

Look who I found in a box in my closet today! These are Verity [left] and Kami [right], two Groovy Girl dolls by Manhattan Toy. [Incidentally, they are sitting on a sofa made for 1:6 scale figs by Andrea. It's made out of a tissue box.]

Anyway, Manhattan Toy launched the Groovy Girls line in 1998. They are a series of 13" plush, unarticulated girls and boys that are supposed to be between 9 and 13. Every single doll has its own unique name, skin tone, hair color, hair style, embroidered facial expression and outfit. Goorvy Girls' outfits characteristically feature bright colors, large patterns and a cheerfully flagrant disregard for coordination.

Groovy Girls are clearly made with love and attention to detail. Look at the different shapes of Verity and Kami's mouths, noses and eyes. Look at the pale pink undertones in Verity's skin as compared to the light brown undertones in Kami's. Look at the slight blushing at the ends of Verity's smile. Look at the "dyed red" sections of Verity's hair and the dark brown [but not black] yarn ringlets selected for Kami's. Finally, please note that Verity has three silver studs in one ear. While Groovy Girls are definitely mass-produced toys, each one is clearly designed as an individual character with her own personality and her own style. I can tell that the Manhattan Toy designers have fun thinking up designs for new Groovy Girls. ^_^


Those little earrings are a great detail. I remember when they showed up at the store from which I bought my Beanie Babies. I think Ty created a line (or two?) to compete with Groovy Girls. I liked the bright colors, but I remember their furniture being a big mish-mash rainbow that didn’t appeal to me.

Beanie Babies were my obsession at the time, anyway; couldn’t bother to be distracted from them, haha. Ah, such a snobby stubborn little collector I once was. The details and the outfit on Verity kinda make me wish I paid more attention to them. Really surprised to see that in a plush doll, since it’s tough enough finding great details in regular (plastic) 1:6 dolls.

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