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I think the most clever thing about that blog is that it’s focused on bjds and their owners but it doesn’t show pics of them; it’s all about the emotions of the hobby. Well, that and it’s great for finding new reaction images.

Yeah, it’s refreshing to see a BJD blog that’s not infested with washed out, overfiltered photos of airbrushed Aryan hordes in frilly outfits. >_>

Jareth’s pale and going to wear frills, though. 😛

I was thinking more of those billion-dollar CheeryDoll or Baby The Stars Shine Bright outfits that actually outweigh the doll due to the weight of ribbons, ruffles and petticoats.

As for Jareth, he’s not washed out and overfiltered, primarily because I’m too lazy to futz that much with elements.

And yes, I thoroughly acknowledge that he falls into the stereotype of queer, cross-dressing, androgynous, magical, inhuman Gary Stu, but I console myself with two facts: 1) He was a queer, cross-dressing, androgynous, magical, inhuman Gary Stu decades before I discovered BJDs, so he’s not hopping on any cool trains. 2) At least he’s not an angel or a demon who gets into incredibly cheesy photoshoots with his boyfriend. There STILL appears to be an infestation of them on DOA, even after all these years. >_>

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