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1:6 scale zombies, bodies, hands and more — make an offer!

1:6 scale zombies, bodies, hands and more — make an offer! published on 5 Comments on 1:6 scale zombies, bodies, hands and more — make an offer!

Make me an offer on any of the items below, at least enough to cover shipping and handling. Will also trade for bright, patterned clothing, loud colors and/or prints a must! Thanks!

A through F. Various heads. F is an Obitsu blank head with no rooting holes that came with the 23 or 25cm body.

G. Sideshow The Dead Babysitter head with modified hair on modified Cy Girl Perfect Body. Also comes with other stuff labeled G, the arms, fishnets, cell phone, school bag and paperwork from the Babysitter doll.

H. Some guy with no feet.

I. Some Dragon guy with bendy hands.

J. GI Jane body.

K. Zombie custom.

L. Mattel baby, comes with bottle and rattle.

M. Takara Kisara head.

N. Repainted Perfect Body wave 2 head.

O. Neck thingies from various Obitsu bodies. Will sell individual sets/bags.

P. Need a hand?

Q. Barbie couch, hard plastic.

R. T-shirt, denim vest and jeans from Sideshow The Dead Punk doll.

S. Articulated devil wings removed from a Mezco Fashion Victims doll.

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HAAAAAANDS! I don’t need the gloved ones or any fists (holy cow, that’s a lot of fists!) So just the Obitsu open hands and the Obitsu feet? If they aren’t covered by our on-going swap box plan, I can offer… $7?

Uh…which Obitsu hands? There are the pale peach Obitsu slim male ones over on the left, the darker peach Obitsu slim male ones in the top center, another pale peach Obitsu slim male set by the Obitsu slim male feet of same color and then all the minuscule 23/25cm Obitsu hands. The minuscule ones may be spoken for.

LMK which you’re interested in.

The ones by the feet, the little group that’s sort of in the center, and then the middle row towards the left. Don’t need the tiny ones or any fists.

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