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For the truly infuriating zombie wannabe

For the truly infuriating zombie wannabe published on No Comments on For the truly infuriating zombie wannabe

First things first…all these references to zombies you’ve been seeing refer to the denizens in my future saga entitled Zombieville. Many of the denizens have a degenerative condition called spontaneous disintegration [spondis], which causes their body parts to drop off and which make be arrested only through a diet of at least 50% fresh human brains. People with spondis tend to refer to themselves as PWS, but the public calls them zombies. As Burlington, Vermont has the highest concentration of PWS in the country, its nickname is Zombieville…hence the saga’s title.

Anyway, there’s a truly infuriating minority of abnormals [the PWS’ term for people who do not have spondis :p ] who wish that they had spondis themselves. Unfortunately, their idea of spondis comes from the pop culture image of zombies, so there’s a lot of shambling, bleeding and "Braaaaaaaains!" involved, which has very little to do with the actual daily lives of PWS.

Abnormals who are wannabes fetishize PWS in all the ways you can imagine. Some dress up as PWS, with canes, fake blood and cans of pork brains. Some collect zombie memorabilia…and that’s where these little zombie figurines by Zombie Planet, 1 to 1.5 inches tall [6 to 8 inches in 1:6 scale] come in. For just a few bucks, I can furnish a wannabe with an obsession!

EDIT: Apparently there’s a whole tabletop gaming subgenre of zombie figs…This review provides details of several makers’ zombies.

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