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Seriously jonesing for a crapper

Seriously jonesing for a crapper published on 1 Comment on Seriously jonesing for a crapper

Sometimes I conceive of a desire a certain thing, but I can’t see an immediate [or even future] use for it. I then postpone the acquisition to see if I really, really want it later. If I’m not interested in a few weeks/months/years, I won’t get the thing. If I’m still hankering after the thing several weeks/months/years later, I usually get it.

Such was the case with my 1:6 scale door and electric wheelchairs, which I recently procured because my interest in them remained strong over a few years.

I was going to ignore my equally strong interests in a 1:6 scale fireplace and toilet, but then I discovered Mini Chair’s fireplace. And then my mind would not stop telling me that my dolls needed somewhere to shit.

Okay! Fine! I’ll get a toilet! Sheesh! Stop bothering me!

Problem is, as I have mentioned before, 1:6 scale toilets tend to be undersized. Barbie toilets are probably more like 1:7 or 1:8 scale even. Here’s a Barbie Glam Bathroom set looking rather minuscule. The toilet also has a huge flower in relief on the seat cover, something I have never seen in real life.

Even stuff for action figures [which tends to be a bit larger than playscale playline stuff] still comes up short. [Har har. See what I did there?] For example, a few years back, Loading Toys made a dirty toilet with wads of hundred dollar bills, which I presume was attempting to duplicate some famous movie scene involving a money toilet. Not only was it ridiculously priced for mediocre quality, it was also rather small. Here’s a review on OSW.

This miniature prank squirting toilet has been tested by others and shown to be about the right size, however. This Sour Flush candy package might also work. This toilet-shaped bank has also been suggested as an option, but it has that unrealistic blue base. [Interesting how they’re all for sale at…]

In other options, there’s a toilet-shaped tabletop vacuum that a Flickr user has confirmed as in-scale. Unfortunately, there’s a large brown thing [looks like a pile of caramel] in the bowl, and I’m not sure if it’s removable.

Further bulletins as shit happens.

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