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All my dolls, 12/19/2012: because it’s changed again!

All my dolls, 12/19/2012: because it’s changed again! published on No Comments on All my dolls, 12/19/2012: because it’s changed again!

Stupid dolls…they keep moving around. :p No pictures this time, just a handy dandy numbered list with some stats.

The Name column is self-explanatory. I included Angel Bear and the Hillman Minx, even though they are not dolls, because I included them in my latest doll census.

As for Scale/Type, the scale is also obvious, but, for non-dolls, as well as dolls that are not either 1:6 or 1:3 scale, I made a note of the type of toy.

The Universe column explains who a doll interacts with. "Display" means that the dolls don’t interact with anyone; they just sit there, looking pretty. "LHF" means Love Has Fangs. "M3" means Me and My Muses. "Mine" means those characters that mouth off directly to me. :p And "Zville" means Zombieville.

The M/F/GQ/n/a refers to a character’s gender identification. "M" is for male, "F" for female, "GQ" for genderqueer, "n/a" for "irrelevant/unassigned." Binary-identified trans characters [Andrew, Carter, Marabou, MacKenzie] are not flagged here because "trans" is not a gender identification for them.

  Name Scale/Type Universe M/F/GQ/n/a
1 AJ 1:6 display F
2 Andrew 1:6 LHF F
3 Angel Bear teddy mine n/a
4 Anna [in progress] 1:6 Zville F
5 Anneka 1:6 LHF F
6 Araminthe 1:3 mine F
7 Avery 1:6 M3 F
8 Baozha 1:6 LHF F
9 Béatrice 1:6 Zville F
10 Carter [in progress] 1:6 Zville M
11 Caveat 1:6 mine M
12 Chaz 1:6 Zville F
13 Chow 1:6 LHF M
14 Cutey Honey 1:6 display F
15 Davry 1:6 LHF M
16 Dom 1:6 LHF M
17 Ellery 1:6 M3 F
18 Epona 1:6 display F
19 Flower 1:6 mine M
20 Frank 1:6 mine GQ
21 Ginevra 1:6 mine F
22 Goth dude figurine display M
23 Hillman Minx 1:24 display n/a
24 Isabel [in progress] 1:6 Zville F
25 Jamisia 1:6 M3 F
26 Janet 1:6 LHF F
27 Janvier Jett 1:3 mine F
28 Jareth 1:6 mine M
29 Jareth 1:3 mine F
30 Jennifer 1:6 mine F
31 Jujube 1:12 mine F
32 Junebug 1:3 mine F
33 Kami Groovy Girl display F
34 Kristin 1:6 M3 F
35 Lucian 1:6 M3 M
36 MacKenzie 1:6 M3 F
37 Marabou 1:6 LHF F
38 Materyllis 1:6 LHF F
39 Mazzy 1:6 M3 GQ
40 Mellifer 1:6 mine M
41 Millie 1:6 display F
42 Novella 1:6 Zville F
43 N’Yenya 1:6 display F
44 Peekaboo 1:6 display F
45 Peter 1:6 Zville M
46 Pippilotta 1:6 LHF F
47 Rori 1:6 LHF F
48 Sardonix 1:3 mine F
49 Steampink AJ 1:6 display F
50 Submit 1:6 mine F
51 Theophany 1:6 Zville F
52 Velvette 1:6 LHF F
53 Verity Groovy Girl display F
54 Viktor 1:6 LHF M
55 Will 1:6 LHF M

I ran these stats because I suspected that very few of my dolls are guys. Yup. Of 53 [Angel Bear and Hillman Minx excluded in the count], just 13 are guys, making the M:F ratio among my dolls way lower than the 1:1 ratio in real life!

Of the Ms, the majority [6 of 13] are from the LHF universe, which means that they are not on active duty. Therefore we can group them with the Goth dude in the "display" category. That leaves 6 active M dolls, 3 of them in the "Pests" category in my universe.

The small numbers of M dolls become strikingly apparent when I look at my two active story universes: M3 and Zville. In Me and My Muses, Lucian is the only M in a group of 7 characters. In Zombieville, which is still developing, Carter and Peter are the 2 Ms in a group of 8 characters.

As I mentioned, Zombieville is still in the process of creation, but I don’t expect the M:F ratio to increase. If anything, it will decrease, as I have several F dolls to repurpose from Me and My Muses. And I’m perfectly happy with that.

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