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Is there some ordinance I’m unaware of…

Is there some ordinance I’m unaware of… published on No Comments on Is there some ordinance I’m unaware of…

…that requires every single freakin’ minifig to be holding things in both hands and/or waving their arms around? I understand that minifigs are supposed to be in dynamic stances, but, when everyone has a ridiculously huge weapon in one hand and the other arm flailing over their head, it looks silly.

Context: Poking through tabletop wargaming minifigs again, I was looking for a Lucian doll for Ellery and Jamisia. I finally tracked down some male elf mage/wizard/sorceror types in heroic scale. Here’s one, a Mordheim elf mage. And here’s a cheaper dude, Larnach the gray elf mage.

I’d like to go with Mr. Mordheim Mage because he looks less tense than Larnach. His ears also appear more in proportion to his head, and his clothing resembles Lucian’s the most of the two figs. He appears to be 28mm, which is about 1 inch, which would make him 6 1:6 inches high. I wish he were double that, but ugh…he was hard enough to find in the first place.

Whenever I’m poking around in the world of minifigs, I think of the Calvin and Hobbes strips where Calvin is trying to put together model airplanes. He and Hobbes grow increasingly frustrated and baffled by the confusing directions and their inability to make the pieces resemble anything as it is shown on the box. At one point, Calvin asks, “How’d they paint eyebrows on a pilot less than an inch high?!?!?!?!”

Hobbes, looking at the model box, says, “I think that’s a real plane superimposed on a toy stand.” :p

EDIT: Holy poop, this guy is even better! He’s much closer to 12 1:6 inches, plus he has a sly expression. He has gratuitous wings, but that’s okay because he doesn’t come with them on. The only thing is that he’s ridiculously ripped, but I’m willing to live with that.

Of course I’m interested in the guy who’s extra expensive because he’s some collector’s edition. :p

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