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No thread was harmed in the making of this wig.

No thread was harmed in the making of this wig. published on No Comments on No thread was harmed in the making of this wig.

It’s constructed, as usual, entirely from faux fur and HOT GLUE. Having perfected my pattern before dinner, I made another wig after dinner for Novella in the colors that I originally intended for her: pink base, with spikes of neon green and royal purple. I like it much better than the black-based one.

As you can see, awesomeness has now been achieved.

Peter’s hair has the same colors as Novella’s, just in different proportions. The base of his mohawk is neon green, with spikes of pink and royal purple. I think he’s concerned about her lack of eyeballs.

 I just hit LuxuryFauxFur,’s Etsy outpost, for 13 more 3 x 5" swatches of faux fur, setting me back a whole $3.60. Now that I have a working wig pattern, I can get about 3 1:6 scale wigs to a swatch, which means that I will soon have way more faux fur than I will ever need. But you can never have too many swatches of cool fabric. Coming to me eventually are the following:

  • Tricolor zigzag stripes in the following combinations: black/purple/turquoise, pink/neon green/royal purple, pink/black/red.
  • Two-color blends in the following combinations: black/magenta, black/grey, black/reddish tan.
  • Tricolor spiked shag fur [of the style used above] in the following combinations: brown/black/green, brown/black/red, brown/black/light blue, black/blue/purple, neon green/pink/royal purple, red/blue/green, red/blue/black.

I’m very curious to see how the zigzag patterns work out in a small wig.

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