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Need to expand my “mobility aids 1:6” tag.

Need to expand my “mobility aids 1:6” tag. published on No Comments on Need to expand my “mobility aids 1:6” tag.

I started off conceptualizing Zombieville denizens as people who use wheelchairs, canes, walkers and other mobility aids. I’ve been working on Isabel, Anna and Peter, however, all of which have obvious signs of physical damage: Isabel is missing her eye; Anna is missing patches of skin on her face, her right forearm and her right hand; Peter is grey all over and missing a whole segment of his left cheek. I therefore realized that PWS [people with spondis] also tend to have obvious signs of injury.

I’ve added some signs of injury to Peter and Anna by giving them bandaged wounds. Both of them have strips of tissue wrapped around bare body parts and secured with white glue. Impregnating the tissue with white glue also helps the bandages mold to their bodies, giving a more realistic appearance. I’ve also cut very small strips of Band-Aids and wrapped them around Anna’s worst fingers and put one on the back of Peter’s hand.

Now I’m thinking about further signs associated with spondis besides mobility aids and bandages. I’m thinking of the following:

  • Arm slings.
  • Wrist splints/supports.
  • Knee braces, either soft or with metal frames and joints.
  • Casts.

I’ll have to work on this.

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