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Isabel shows more fur wigs.

Isabel shows more fur wigs. published on No Comments on Isabel shows more fur wigs.

I got a shipment of maybe 15 swatches of faux fur recently, including a bunch of new color schemes. I chose my favorite and made some more fur wigs this afternoon.

The ones in vibrant colors look different than the earlier set of vibrant colors because these have all fibers the same length. The first set of vibrant colors had short bases with longer spikes in different color. As a result, the first set provided lots of color without adding bulk. But the current set of vibrant colors adds bulk, thus making the hair less likely to respond to simple styling. That said, I love the tricolor zigzag pattern, from which all of the vibrant ones in this set are made. My current favorite, usurping even the white base with pink and green spikes, is a pink/purple/green zigzag at top right.

The black/white combo in lower right has the same bulky profile as the others in this set, only even more so, as its fibers are overall longer than the zigzag prints’. I used the black/white combo primarily to see if it made serviceable hair for older characters, but the result looks too bulky to me. I’m sure that the fiber length would be in scale for a 1:3er, but it doesn’t work for a 1:6er.

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