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Fat doll in progress!!! \o/

Fat doll in progress!!! \o/ published on 1 Comment on Fat doll in progress!!! \o/

My original plan to make a fat 1:6 scale mature BJD body was to use a 1:3 scale toddler body and splice forearms/hands and calves/feet on it from a 1:6 scale mature body. However, I recently acquired a 5StarDoll 1:3 scale toddler body with surprisingly delicate hands and feet, so, being an eminently lazy individual, I wondered if I could just swap the 1:6 scale hands and feet onto the 1:3 scale body and call it a day.

This evening, that’s what I did. I actually complicated matters a bit by modding the 1:6 scale hands to nest in the 1:3 scale wrist balls and thus provide a slightly smoother transition between the forearms and hands. I just stuck the 1:6 scale feet on the ends of the 1:3 scale legs, though, which is why they are slightly shorter than they should be, as they do not have the extra height provided by the 1:3 scale ankle balls [which were fused to the 1:3 scale feet].

Anyway, the result looks pretty good for about an hour of work, as far as I’m concerned. The ankles need modification, though, as the shapes of the sockets are preventing the feet from standing flat. This particular body also has horribly tight stringing, so it needs to be restrung more loosely. Other than that, it’s pretty much good.

Here’s a shot of Isabel [on temp body] next to the fat body in progress. It’s obviously shorter, which I like, as it adds to the impression of what Isabel would call a "dumpy" shape. Not everyone is elongated and skinny!

After some minor ankle mods and restringing, this body is good to go. I don’t mind the rough modifications, as this will be for Carter, a Zombieville secondary who will not suffer as much scrutiny as Isabel. Now that I know what to do, I can buy another 5StarDoll body and make the appropriate mods with more finesse for her.

The head, on the other hand, will require some work. Below, I mocked up how Isabel might look on her appropriate body. Originally, I thought I would scrape down the neck to fit her head, but we fat people tend to have fat necks, so I’m keeping the neck the size that it is. Therefore, I must adapt the head, intended for a slimmer neck, to accommodate a wider neck.

I have two options. First, since both Isabel and Carter have faceplates, I can create new headbacks for them that fit the wider necks. Second, I can just use their default heads on top of the narrow necks, disguising any ill fit with hair, clothing and/or strategic photography. I’ve done this before with LHFer Anneka, whose neck socket was way too wide for her narrow neck. Her choker and her hair [almost shoulder-length] distracted from the discrepancy. I also never shot her from angles where the difference would be apparent. I’m sure I can do something similar for Isabel and Carter. I think I’ll try one of their heads on this body after fixing the ankles and restringing it.

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