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The Rements [well, 95% of them, anyway]

The Rements [well, 95% of them, anyway] published on No Comments on The Rements [well, 95% of them, anyway]

I took some large pictures of my boxes of Rements. Actually, they’re technically my boxes of 1:6 scale accessories, with the exception of those currently in use or in storage. But a huge portion of them are Rements, so that’s why I’m calling them.

Some people organize their Rements according to the sets in which they were packaged. I organize mine by category.

Fruits and vegetables.

Candy, desserts and snacks.

Cups and drinks.

Across the top row: chains, jewelry, hair clips, office supplies, brains, tissues/TP.
Second row: large appliances, cleaning supplies.
Third row: electronics, computers, bathroom stuff, tools/sewing.
Fourth row: Earrings [adhesive rhinestones!], cosmetics, phones, sex toys and kinky paraphernalia.

Meal stuff, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, condiments, silverware, kitchen utensils, plates, bowls, pots, pans, trays.

Stuff to put on shelves, books, plants, pets.

Packages, party supplies, toys, dolls.


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