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Head hunting

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\o/ I will be purchasing some Lumedoll Lumelight heads: elf Koit in tan, Blaze in yellow and Arine in tan. I’m very excited about Koit and Arine, as I love those sculpts, while Blaze will be a challenge. He looks stupefied in all the owner pics I’ve seen of him, so I’d like to try to make him look…uh…less stupefied. Typically, I like dolls with open mouths [witness Araminthe, Janvier Jett, Lola Paprika], but somehow Blaze tends to look like his train of thought is still boarding at the station.

Woo hoo! An excuse to hit up Hujoo for some bodies, at least two chocolate ones. Are you listening, Andrea? That’s at least $40.00 of the way toward free s/h!

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