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Lazy bathroom finished and lazy kitchen in progress

Lazy bathroom finished and lazy kitchen in progress published on No Comments on Lazy bathroom finished and lazy kitchen in progress

I made a bathroom today. From left to right we have a wooden box [once held gift condiments] supporting DripClips paperclip holder sink, various Rements [soap dispensers and tissues], some Barbie bottle, Japanese t.p. erasers by Itasho, unknown trash can [helpfully labeled RUBBISH BIN!] and a squirting novelty toilet with the squirt removed.

With the bathroom done, I turned my attention to the kitchen, which is still in progress. From left we have a Phicen 1:6 scale action figure box on its end standing in for pantry shelves, the aforementioned wooden box, which is supporting a Rement microwave with an Iwako teakettle eraser on top, an Acme espresso maker magnet, various utensils in a canister [some Rement, some handmade], Iwako spatula eraser in Rement bowl and, finally, a Kitchen Littles counter unit supporting Rement storage containers and cutting board.

The new, improved kitchen set will be much more detailed than I ever expected it to be. I wanted either a fridge or a stove or a sink or a dishwasher or a hutch, but I am ending up with a Kenmore stove from Christina [supplier of Sylvia and other goodies], as well as a Barbie fridge [orange-yellow, NOT pink!] from Elizabeth Jr. I’m trading heavily for these items, so all it costs me is outgoing postage. At this rate, people had better spent a LOT of time in the kitchen. :p

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