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Isabel’s clothes

Isabel’s clothes published on No Comments on Isabel’s clothes

I have a few people with whom I am trading stuff for clothes for Isabel, so I figure that I should consolidate all the information about her measurements and style in one place for convenient reference.

Isabel is a 1:6 scale resin BJD made of an Elfdoll Doona Ryung head on a modded 5StarDoll tiny girl body. 5StarDoll’s measurements for that body are all still the same on Isabel; I just reduced the length of her neck and tapered it a bit at the top.

The only significant difference besides the neck is that Isabel has breasts, but they are made by stuffing tissues in a cropped tank top, which means that they are compressible and do not add much to her chest circumference. If you need any other measurements from me, please let me know!

For comparison’s sake, tops and jackets for male action figures fit her well, especially if stretchy or baggy. Pants/Leggings for female action figures fit, but only if they are really stretchy. If it helps, I have a post showing her in some clothing made for "regular-size" 1:6ers.

Like most of my favorite dolls, Isabel adheres to my signature style. You can find a discussion and examples of this style here. Other sources of inspiration may be found in Motylalka’s Etsy shop [I love the stuff with pink, green, yellow and orange!] and Manhattan Toy’s line of Groovy Girls, who know how to make multiple patterns work!

Isabel wears the following:

  • tank tops
  • vests
  • T-shirts
  • arm warmers
  • short skirts to mid-thigh
  • leggings, lots of leggings
  • legwarmers to knees
  • things that stretch

She does not wear any of the following:

  • white
  • sheer tops
  • low-cut tops

This is because she has a red cropped tank top for a bra, and I don’t want her bra to be visible through her shirts! [Bra straps can be visible, though, if she’s wearing a tank top.]

Just remember…bright…stretchy…patterned…obnoxious! You can’t go wrong! :p

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