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Zombieville stats

Zombieville stats published on No Comments on Zombieville stats
Name M/F PWS POC Self ID Fat
Anna F PWS   queer ex-fat
Béatrice F     lesbian fat
Blaze         fat
Carter M     bi fat
Isabel F PWS   queer fat
Arine not tan, currently Mazzy          
Arine tan     POC    
Chaz F PWS POC    
Dillon M        
Dr. Z. F PWS POC    
Elin, currently Avery          
Koit tan     POC    
Megan F   POC    
Novella F        
Peter M PWS   straight  
Rose, currently Jamisia          
Sylvia F   POC    
Theophany F        
Toxic Waste denizen   PWS      
Charlie M     straight  

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