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Trail mix, take one

Trail mix, take one published on No Comments on Trail mix, take one

In an attempt to put more complex carbohydrates and protein in my snacks, I picked up some bulk fudz at City Market Markup this afternoon:

  • peanuts, roasted, salted and blanched x 1.45 lb
  • carob chips x 1.5 lb
  • raisins x 0.81 lb
  • raw cashews x 0.57 lb
  • raw filberts [hazelnuts] x 0.35 lb

That’s about 4.7 lbs of fudz! I hope this combination works. If not, I’ll try again. I’m already thinking that I need at least 1 lb of raisins, only 1 lb of peanuts and at least 0.75 lb of cashews.

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