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Hello money! G’bye money!

Hello money! G’bye money! published on No Comments on Hello money! G’bye money!

I got paid today! \o/! I also had someone pay off a layaway on some doll parts and another person buy other doll parts, so I was rich! RICH HAH HAH HAH!

Not for long. I proceeded to empty out my Paypal account as I purchased the following:

  1. Some pants specifically tailored for the 5StarDoll tiny body, meaning that they will fit my fat 1:6ers.
  2. A Tartarus Press hardcover edition of Sarban’s Doll Maker, a lovely, high-quality edition to replace my frail 1960s paperback.
  3. Two chocolate Hujoo bodies for my incoming Lumedoll Lumelight heads.
  4. A nude Monster High Skelita to supply the body for the dead version of Isabel.

There also appears to be some interest in the Rements I am auctioning off on Ebay, as well as MORE doll parts I’m selling on DOA, so I could have MORE money in my Paypal account next week.

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