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The world needs fat mermaids.

The world needs fat mermaids. published on No Comments on The world needs fat mermaids.

Now that I’m an accomplished [hah hah] maker of 1:6 scale fat dolls from 1:3 scale toddler BJDs, I perk up whenever I see mermaid parts from Soom Wave and Soda Sea Elves on the DOA marketplace. As Teenie Gems, they are the 1:3 scale toddlers of the Soom Gem line. I could very easily splice a 5StarDoll tiny torso with the Soom Wave/Soda mer-parts and have a FAT MERMAID!!!!

I’m regretting that I passed on the Soom Faery Legend merdude Azur, so I might create my own 1:6 scale mermaid BJD to hang out with the other fairies.

EDIT: There’s also the option of buying a Planetdoll Mini Aqua and plopping on a truly 1:6 scale head, but I have a hard time getting over how the tail starts below the crotch. No, merfolk do not have human genitalia and excretory systems!

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