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TONSIL HOCKEY!!! published on No Comments on TONSIL HOCKEY!!!

Iplehouse Doria’s special edition fantasy head amuses me to no end [as does the phrase "tonsil hockey"].


I keep thinking she needs an ice cream cone. :d "Whoops…sorry…dribbling a little bit there… Creemees are so delicious, but so messy!"

Araminthe: "Keep your sloppy desserts away from my camera. >:( "

As may be surmised by the fact that she is already interacting with my other dolls, this doll will most likely join the 1:3 scale hordes. More specifically, I am trying to engineer a split in which one buyer gets the body, another the human head and me the fantasy head. Then I’ll scrounge her a body that is cheaper and much more poseable than Iplehouse’s shapely, but not very movable, offerings.

If the split goes through, her name will be Yamarrah, and she will be extremely! perky! She will enjoy ice cream and Jazzercise, and she will dress in an oversize sweatshirt, leggings, legwarmers and hightops. She may also have a sweatband and large triangular earrings. She will definitely have a fur wig! She and Janvier Jett can swap makeup tips.

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