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The awesomeness of Magical Angel, part II

The awesomeness of Magical Angel, part II published on No Comments on The awesomeness of Magical Angel, part II

As I mentioned last October, the Chinese BJD company Magical Angel combines low prices with extremely responsive customer service, a rarity in the BJD world, where language barriers and time differences regularly contribute to sporadic, frustrating communication with doll makers. Though I have none of their dolls, I really like them because they seem ready to do all sorts of custom things that most companies either don’t do or charge exorbitant amounts for, like sculpting custom heads or making custom resin matches.

Anyway, I’m just making some notes for myself based on PMs that have been hanging around in my DOA inbox for a while.

  • For custom sculpting, MA accepts .obj files, and it is okay if the .obj files do not show eyewells, neck hole and headcap. One can specify head circumference, neck circumference and eye size. They would do a truly 1:6 scale head for Juniper [8mm eyes, 10cm head circumference and 4cm neck circumference] for $800.00.
  • For resin matching, MA will either match a photo [not recommended] or a body part, such as a headcap. For example, I’m thinking of getting an MA 60cm girl body with custom resin color for Yamarrah.  The custom color would add just $30.00 to the base price. As Yamarrah’s head is a semi-translucent resin, I may go for a semi-translucent body, which would also jack up the cost maybe $20.00. Still amazingly cheap, though…

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