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Where’s Me and My Muses?

Where’s Me and My Muses? published on No Comments on Where’s Me and My Muses?

It’s the question that everyone’s asking.

Okay…maybe not everyone, but at least all three of my readers.
As the loyal trio knows, Me and My Muses went on hiatus in mid-February as I prepared to learn a new comic creation program. I had a very frustrating experience and eventually reverted to Adobe Photoshop Elements, with which I laid out my very first photostories.
Then, in mid-March, just as I was entertaining thoughts of resuming Me and My Muses, I learned that I would be moving in a month. Pandemonium thus ensued and is currently ensuing.
In conclusion, Ellery and Lucian will return either later this month or sometime early in May, depending on when I get my shit together.

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