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“The Rules”: further skimming

“The Rules”: further skimming published on No Comments on “The Rules”: further skimming

Page 120: "…[H]ighly educated girls have the hardest time with the Rules. They tend to think all this is beneath them. They’ll say, ‘I went to graduate school, I’m not playing these games…’ … If you think you’re too smart for the Rules, ask yourself, ‘Am I married?’ If not, why not? Could it be that what you’re doing isn’t working? Think about it."

The authors rag so persistently on women with graduate educations that I suspect there’s some sour grapes going on.

Also [say it with me!] CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION.

Page 126: "Abuse doesn’t happen in a Rules relationship because, when you play hard to get … , he thinks you’re the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world…"

It’s always the wife’s fault that her husband abuses her. She didn’t do the Rules and make him love her enough.

Page 139: "Don’t be stupid about safety! Date rape has become quite rampant in college these days."

If you get sexually assaulted, it’s all your fault. You were probably just asking for it anyway, you whore.

Page 144: "Rule #31: Don’t discuss the Rules with your therapist. … Some therapists will think that the Rules are dishonest and manipulative."

La la la I can’t heeeeeeeeear you la la la!

Page 167: "Always try to show utter contentment with him, yourself, the world."

Frank N. Furter has words for you.

Page 168: "Remember that, if you want a good marriage, the Rules never really end!"

So you’re telling me that I have this heteronormative manipulative dating bullshit to look forward to every single day of my life?

[runs for the hills screaming]

The End.

Watch this space for the actual Not Your Mother’s Rules later.

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