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The elusive Clea Bella magnetic trifold

The elusive Clea Bella magnetic trifold published on No Comments on The elusive Clea Bella magnetic trifold

On March 4th, I ordered a Clea Bella Room With A View basic wall unit with double-sided metallic walls. The order went through fine.

About a week later, I got an E-mail [which I have since erased] from Christina Bougas, saying that it would be done in two weeks’ time, which puts us at the last week in March.

On March 15th, I realized that I had deleted this message, so I wrote to her again, asking for updated status information.

On March 21st, she replied that it would be done "this week," by which I assumed March 24th at absolute latest.

Since then…nothing. No updates about postponement, no shipping alerts, nothing. I just wrote a few minutes ago [April 10th] inquiring as to my order’s status.

The Room With A View page clearly states that the units are made to order. "Please allow 2-8 weeks for delivery." That’s reasonable.

What’s unreasonable is getting a message from the maker saying that the item would be done by March 24th and then hearing nothing for 2.5 weeks. This makes me frustrated and worried. I’m frustrated because of the poor communication from the seller and because I’m waiting for this item so I can shoot photos. I’m also worried because I wonder if she took my money and ran.

At this point, I cannot recommend Clea Bella.

Do not ever buy anything from Bella! Studios/ CleaBella / Room With A View sets / Christina Bougas.

EDIT: Oh that really instills me with confidence: The phone is making that dee-doo-dee-doo off-the-hook noise when I call her number.

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