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All my dolls, 04/20/2013

All my dolls, 04/20/2013 published on No Comments on All my dolls, 04/20/2013

I moved last weekend to a new apartment, so I took the opportunity to take pictures of everyone in their new digs.

Me and My Muses peoples. L to R: Avery, Ellery, Lucian.

Zombieville denizens. L to R: Novella, Peter.

Zville. L to R: Dr. Z., Brandeis.

Zville. L to R: Dillon [in progress], Isabel.

Zville. L to R: Megan, Theophany.

Zville. L to R: Chaz [holding Dandelion], Béatrice, Anna.

LHFers. L to R: Marabou, Velvette.

LHFers. L to R: Viktor, Dom.

LHFers. L to R: Baozha, Davry, Chow.

LHFers. L to R: Anneka, Will.

LHFers whose clothes have been distributed to others. L to R: Rori, Andrew.

LHFers whose bodies are in use by Zville denizens. L to R: Janet, Pippilotta.

Miscellaneous. AJ regular.

Miscellaneous. L to R: Frank, Jareth, Jennifer.

BJDs who bug me. Jareth.

BJDs who bug me. L to R: Timonium [bald, in progress], Janvier Jett, Araminthe, Sardonix, Submit.

BJDs who bug me. L to R: Mellifer, Flower, Ginevra.

And now for the peoples accompanying me at work.

L to R: Angel Bear, Junebug, Jujube.

And a more accurate representation of Jujube’s current appearance.


Steampink AJ and the Goth dude.


Cutey Honey.

L to R: Verity and Kami.

L to R: Karly, Bindi.

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