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Collected commission info for Round 2 for Jareth

Collected commission info for Round 2 for Jareth published on No Comments on Collected commission info for Round 2 for Jareth

Outfit 1

  • laced blouse with leg-o’-mutton sleeves
  • black vinyl corset
  • wrap skirt
  • cape with collar
  • leggings 1 [black stretch]
  • fishnets
  • underwear

Blouse, corset and wrap skirt rely heavily on Souldoll’s Ruvo-Z with some differences. Jareth’s version of the blouse has bigger shoulder poufs and no dangly ruffle things, but is otherwise the same. Corset is the same. Wrap skirt takes the tulle and ruffles that are part of the Ruvo-Z shirt and makes them into a separate item of clothing. There are about 5 to 7 ruffles to make it fuller than Ruvo-Z’s. Colors of blouse and wrap skirt uncertain.

Cape is a full circle of very lightweight black fabric with slight train. Dull gold metal hook clasp at throat. See picture of NECA Jareth action figure below for design of collar only.

Fishnets and leggings will both require various circumferential measurements so that they are tight enough for his very scrawny legs.

Underwear is just black briefs, made from a fabric as thin and low-profile as possible.

Outfit 2

  • top
  • armwarmers
  • bolero/pauldron thing
  • short balloon skirt
  • long layered skirt
  • leggings 2

Top is a stretch fishnet tank.

Armwarmers are vinyl.

Bolero/pauldron thing is black vinyl, with front flaps that cover the pecs and a mandarin collar. The attached pauldrons take their overall shapes and profile [but not all details!] from the Viking Store’s Rogue Armor Basic Pauldrons. Shoulder plates extend to ridiculous points similar to those shown on Janvier Jett’s Dollzone Silver Fox vest in the pic below. More details on this piece forthcoming.

Short balloon skirt and long layered skirt strongly resemble those from Cheerydoll’s stupendously pink SD16 girl ensemble. Cheerydoll site is currently not responding, so crappy pictures from the great archive of the Intertubes are supplied below for general reference.

EDIT 5/17/2013: Cheerydoll is back up, so I have ganked better versions of the pictures above in case it ever goes down again!

Leggings 2 are just like leggings 1, only in a different color.

Color scheme for top, armwarmers, skirts and leggings 2 as yet undecided.

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