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Genius discovers basic DSLR functions!

Genius discovers basic DSLR functions! published on No Comments on Genius discovers basic DSLR functions!

No thanks to the Canon EOS 30D Digital Field Guide I bought to supplement my manual, I finally figured out how to adjust my camera’s shutter speed, which should take care of my long-time bane: washed-out photos.

The Digital Field Guide [an independently produced book] went off on a tangent about the philosophy of shutter speed and what every different mode does, until I eventually wanted to yell, "Just tell me which buttons to push dammit!"

Turns out it’s as easy as hitting the DRIVE ISO button, then turning the main dial on the camera to the left to increase or right to decrease the ISO.

With my new knowledge of autofocus points and ISO control, I’ll be unstoppable!

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