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Dollism entourage thoughts

Dollism entourage thoughts published on No Comments on Dollism entourage thoughts

Thinking again about who to bring to Dollism. Even though Sardonix has a slightly loose headcap, she may be the best 1:3er to bring. Since she’s bald and barefoot, she doesn’t have any wig or shoes to slip off and lose. She also has a nearly indestructible faceup. Her body is balanced and engineered well, so she poses easily, and she’s not particularly heavy. I could always temporarily hot glue her headcap for the trip.

Possible 1:6ers are Mellifer and Timonium at this point. Who knows if there will be others by then? Right now I’m leaning toward Timonium because I like him better.

Mellifer: 🙁

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