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Where is the mystery package? Who knows?

Where is the mystery package? Who knows? published on No Comments on Where is the mystery package? Who knows?

Last Friday, May 24th, I ordered and paid for a 1:6 scale Grim Reaper to furnish the dead version of Isabel’s body. Later that day, I received notice that the seller had marked my order as shipped and provided tracking information.

Given that it can take up to 2 business days for tracking information to hit the USPS Web site and that there was a holiday Monday, the tracking information didn’t yield anything until May 28th. Fine.

Not fine, however, is that the tracking has been saying "Status of your item: shipping information received" since May 28th, when it first appeared on USPS’ radar.

What’s it doing? Taking a nap? Picking its nose? Enjoying a transcontinental tour? I wish that the tracking would actually tell me.

For some reason, I think the obtuse tracking information is a function of the shipping service used by the seller [toynk], which sends all their packages to a third party [OSM Worldwide] to take care of shipping. In contrast, another package that I ordered last Friday [Willy and some black T-shirts from Cotswold Collectibles!] went directly to UPS, so, even though it’s not scheduled to arrive until next Monday [June 3rd], I’ve been able to follow its progress. In further contrast, another package that I ordered yesterday [Carter’s driving cap, also a plaid shirt and a hooded sweatshirt for anyone who needs them from Black Ops Toys] shipped directly through USPS has also appeared on USPS’ Web site [also scheduled to arrive on June 3rd]. I blame the shipping company. Argh!

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