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Modern cemetery coming up!

Modern cemetery coming up! published on 1 Comment on Modern cemetery coming up!

I already have the supplies for a 17th/18th century cemetery in the form of these stupendous little magnets from Della’Morte:


Trouble is, most cemeteries around here [Chittenden County, Vermont] date from the 19th century on, so the aforesaid iconography would be anachronistic and inaccurate. Time to procure some more Victorian gravestones for my sets….

The centerpiece of my modern cemetery set will be an Angel of Grief [previously rhapsodized about] from Design Toscano [your friendly Internet purveyors of expensive art for people with lots of money and very little taste!] with a bench in front of her. Because the Angel of Grief a1) contains a nauseating piece of doggerel and b1) comes in a nauseating jaundiced color [who thought that was a good idea?] , she will need a2) Dremelling and b2) repainting to some less offensive grey or white scheme.

Accompanying these pieces will be some tabletop tombstones from Darkside Displays. Made of plastic and sporting designs that would never appear in any self-respecting real cemetery [vampires! zombies! witches!], these need work as well. I can’t decide whether to sand off the silly designs or just turn the stones so they’re not facing the camera. :p Either way, some repainting will probably be in order.

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