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Peter’s progress

Peter’s progress published on No Comments on Peter’s progress

It’s like Pilgrim’s Progress, only less allegorical and more tedious.

Version 1, default Sideshow The Dead Punk:

Repainted hair:

Added eyeliner:

Fiber mohawk:

Painted over bloodstains on hands and chin with grey paint, added bandages and nail polish:

Sanded brow wrinkles, painted skin brown, added purple eyes and new fiber mohawk:

Added glue to mohawk, repainted eyes:

Version 2, resculpted Triad Lola head on Obitsu slender male body with Sideshow The Dead Punk bootfeet:

I’m so very pleased to finally have Peter back together! In case you couldn’t figure it out, he’s my favorite Zombieville secondary, so I missed him when he was in pieces. I’m also glad that Peter looks like he’s having fun, instead of diarrhea. Finally he looks like he’s supposed to.

Oh yeah, and apparently Peter identifies as bisexual. I did not know that until this evening.

Now I just have to get his walker done…

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