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Working on Alabama’s hair

Working on Alabama’s hair published on No Comments on Working on Alabama’s hair

Because all the fibers in my haul from Georgia Landau contained dust and stink, they required lengthy preparations before use. First, I picked out all the stray threads, vegetable matter and pieces of fabric. Then I gave them a quick wash in lukewarm water with some dish soap. Finally I aired out the hanks on my clothesline [a very useful addition to our new apartment!] for several hours. Though I still need to comb out the fibers I intend to use, I can now work with them without sneezing my head off.

I like best the fibers below, a rich golden, reddish orange. This photo is actually an accurate representation of the color.

I chose the golden orange for Alabama’s wig, so I stuck a weft on her hair just for a mockup. Ideally, I’d like to give her two braids sticking out horizontally over her ears a la Pippi Longstocking. Anyway, this mockup shows that the golden orange will go well with her complexion and eye color. 😀

And here’s a picture of Alabama’s beautiful, detailed feets. She has no footwear yet because I want to make her some simple sandals so that her feets are visible.


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