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New TV I am interested in

New TV I am interested in published on No Comments on New TV I am interested in
  • Defiance. SyFy. Humans and aliens try to coexist in future terraformed St. Louis. Actually all on Hulu right now for free!
  • Dracula. NBC. Vampires, reincarnation, elaborate dresses and British accents abound.
  • Sleepy Hollow. Fox. Ichabod Crane pulls a Rip Van Winkle and pursues supernatural criminals with modern detective partner, a WOC.

And already-running TV:

  • Colbert Report. Comedy Central. Colbert satirizes current events and is frequently funny about it.
  • Grimm. NBC. Supernatural procedural stupidity slogs on without character development.
  • Haven. SyFy. An Exceptional Woman investigates something rotten in the state of Maine.
  • Warehouse 13. SyFy. Fantasy MacGuffins cause wacky highjinks!

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