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All my bootfeet, 06/19/2013

All my bootfeet, 06/19/2013 published on No Comments on All my bootfeet, 06/19/2013

Now that I have decided to modify Isabel’s legs so that they have action figure ankle cups, thus allowing her to use my collection of bootfeet, I decided to take an inventory of what options for footwear she has:

A: Cy Girl Jun.

B: Cy Girl Electra.

C: Cy Girl AJ, Blaze or Kat.

D: Cy Girl AJ with custom shoelaces of embroidery thread, added by me in one of my earliest customization jobs, back in fall, 2001.

E: BBI Goth Angel.

F: BBI Perfect Body.

G through H, with the exception of J, are Cy Girl bootfeet spliced with Hasbro Shoezies. J is a pair of Cy Girl bootfeet in Mezco Fashion Victims shoes. I customized all of G through H, with the exception of I, which I did a trade for with a fellow MWDer years back. I actually customized G, K, M and N tonight, using Aves Apoxie Sculpt to anchor the ankle balls in the feet [hence the grey stuff around the joins between ball stems and feet].

Looking over all Isabel’s options, I see a distressing predominance of dark and/or cool colors and a perturbing lack of lime green, flagrant orange, lemon yellow and bubble gum pink. 🙁 Clearly I need to start painting.

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