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No tonsil hockey :(

No tonsil hockey :( published on No Comments on No tonsil hockey :(

Iplehouse just released another doll in the Addiction special edition: a version of nYID Bianca. Like Aaliyah and Doria [whence Yamarrah], she has a fantasy head with fangs, pointy ears and optional horns. Unlike those dolls, though, Bianca’s fantasy head suffers from Sabertooth Fang Disorder, wherein the teeth are sculpted to hang outside of the mouth in a silly manner. [See also anything in the Dollpire line by DollMore.]

I’m surprised that Iplehouse, which does all of its sculpting digitally, did not choose to rework the lower half of Bianca’s face to accommodate a more open mouth and more realistic teefs. She doesn’t look like she has fangs; she just looks like she has two slightly raised triangles resting on her lower lip. Too bad, as I love everything else about the concept, including the outfit, the grey resin option and the flamboyantly large, oar-like ears with multiple piercings.

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