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Oh Dollmore, should I ever forgive you?

Oh Dollmore, should I ever forgive you? published on No Comments on Oh Dollmore, should I ever forgive you?

Dollmore, the dirty rotten cheatin’ BJD co. that recast its 70cm Model Doll male sculpts from Dollshe’s sculpts of the same size, continues to piss me off. They keep making dolls that I want, but cannot buy on the primary market because that would mean supporting a dirty rotten cheatin’ BJD co. Unfortunately, the Dollmore dolls I want never materialize on the secondary market.

The first Dollmore BJD I lust after is the 1:6 scale Melissa Hon, who first entered my field of vision about three years ago as the inresination of the protagonist of Intellectum, the doll-based series I never did, about a magical library, its employees, patrons and denizens. I have never seen owner pictures or sales posts for her on DOA or Ebay, and I only found someone who owned her a few months ago, but she has not procured pictures for me because she has been too busy. My desire for this particular doll has only increased over time because I have never seen her for sale outside of Dollmore, where I cannot bring myself to purchase her. In short, I want her because I haven’t been able to obtain her.

The second Dollmore BJD I lust after is the latest sculpt in their Dollmore Trinity series, Elysia. She’s 105cm tall, which is about 41 1/3 inches. That’s 1:2 scale — child size! To compare this with dolls with which I’m familiar, the length from her shoulder to the lower edge of her wrist ball joint is 30.5cm, just a smidgen taller than any of my male Soom Faery Legends. From hip to floor, she’s 54cm, which is on the smallish side for the total height of a 1:3 scale female BJD. She weighs 7.15kg, which is nearly 16 lbs.! The fullset version I linked to contains doll, faceup, wig, eyes, dress and shoes for $2780.00. $140.00 EMS s/h to US is extra.

I love her because her full features suggest childhood, but, despite her childlike size, she is generic enough to represent other older ages. Her open mouth makes her look pensive, wondering, speaking or stupefied, depending on the angle, so I like its multitude of interpretations. I like her because she is so big…not as unwieldy as a mannequin, but as big as I always think 1:3 scale BJDs should be when I see glamour shots of them: large enough to enter the uncanny valley, but small enough to remain obviously unhuman. I also like the fact that her joints are simple and almost perfectly spherical where possible, giving her the air of an antique doll.

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