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Score!: a new addition to my set pieces

Score!: a new addition to my set pieces published on No Comments on Score!: a new addition to my set pieces

I love the Doll Page Show and Sell Site. It’s an online marketplace where people post free ads for their doll stuff, mostly FRs [Fashion Royalties] and high-end Barbies, though 1:4 scale Tonners and BJDs of all sizes form a steady minority. There’s also a small, but steady, minority of naked rescue dolls that I’d expect to find at a thrift store or garage sale. Prices are pretty reasonable for the secondary market, and, if you stalk the new ads, you can find some exceptional deals. The only thing I dislike about the site is that sold items do not automatically disappear from the search results, which means they keep hanging around to taunt me. :p

Anyway, I have sold a few items on the Doll Page and purchased even more. I got a kitchen hutch with crockery for $30.00 shipped, which was just about what I was willing to pay. The seller actually refunded me s/h [$15.00], as one of the crocks broke in transit, so the hutch ended up being just $15.00.

Some aforementioned cheap nudes also came from the Doll Page.

FR London Calling Kyu Barrett also came from the Doll Page. Just to give you an idea of the low prices you can find there, I bought Barrett for $75.00 shipped because the seller wanted to clear him out so she could buy someone else. :p Other MIB dolls of his type are asking $100.00, $115.00, $116.00 and $215.00 shipped. Asking prices are higher on Ebay.

My most recent Doll Page score is a MIB Rement Beauty Counter for $55.00 shipped. I had never heard of this piece before last week because it’s really rare and from the early days of Rement [2005, according to HLJ]. The most recent one that sold on Ebay went for $74.98 shipped, while there are a few that remain up for between $135.99 and $189.00 shipped, both of which are ridiculous prices.

Anyway, here’s a box photo by seller kari. Accessories not included. This set piece will show up in Rumpy Pumpy to display either jewelry or bags and other accessories.


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