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Isabel’s cat Muggins

Isabel’s cat Muggins published on No Comments on Isabel’s cat Muggins

When I have the funds, I want to get an Oleum 1:6 scale BJC [ball-jointed cat] [link to order form]. She is going to be polyamide [3-D printing, cheaper than resin casting], with the Oriental sculpt [i.e., Siamese-shaped], unassembled [cheaper than assembled], 5cm at withers, open eyes, solid black body, no snout airbrushing, emerald eyes with oval pupil, for a total of ~$260.00, s/h from Russia not included. SO DAMN CUTE!!!!!

Muggins talks in brackets to illustrate that all her words are translated. Thus she will not say, "Prrrrrp?" She will say, "[Chicken? For me?]" Nor will she say, "Mrrooooowr!" Instead that will be, "[Fuck off. This is MY spot!]"

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I would rather have polyamide, British sculpt, regular ears, unassembled, solid black body, no snout airbrushing, emerald eyes with round pupil. The stylization of the BJC makes them unusually slender, so the rotund, short-limbed British sculpt will look less strangely elongated and more realistically feline. Eyes with round pupils make the sculpt look younger, friendlier and more open.

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